Types Of LCD Wall Mounts

Before you can run out and purchase an LCD wall mount you must first be aware of the different types that you have to choose from. Fixed, tilt, articulating, swivel, and full motion are the most common types used today. Each of them are used in different ways and provide features that will make it more or less expensive then the next.

Fixed Wall Mounts

This is the most basic LCD wall mount and also the most affordable. This is easy to install and keeps your television in one ‘fixed’ position at all times. If you wish to move the television you will have to move the entire mount. They can be used in any room in the house and are perfect for people who wish to save money – but still have the theater like experience in their home. They cost anywhere between $30 to $100.

Tilt Wall Mounts

These are slightly better then the fixed mounts – but not as flexible as others on the market. The difference between the two is that this one enables you to tilt your television and change the angle from which you are viewing it. It will not allow you to move your TV up and down or side to side. Many people find the tilting feature useful when trying to get rid of glare during various times in the day. The great thing is you an spend as little as $30. However, if you want something that is high quality you will end up by spending closer to $200 if not more.

Swivel Wall Mounts

Along with being able to tilt the angle of your television you now have the chance to move it from side to side. This allows you to change the view you are watching it from depending on where you are sitting or which room you might be in. The only downside to these is that the television will be set a little bit away from the wall – but it is possible you won’t notice this flaw. They are slightly more expensive with a starting price of $50 and reaching all the way to $300 or more.

Articulating Wall Mounts

The particular LCD wall mount has the same features as the previous mounts we discussed and it also has the ability to tilt your television to the left and the right. Though it is similar to the feature that allows you to angle it this goes from side to side rather then up and down. In reality it is not much different then the swivel mount though you will end up paying a bit more for it. They start at $70 and can reach as high as $300 or more.

Full Motion Wall Mounts

These are fairly new LCD wall mounts that take every single feature from the previous models and roll it into one easy to use product. It is designed with a swivel arm mechanism that allows you to move it to the viewing angle you want through tilting it and also into a 360 degree circle. The only downside is that the television will be set further back from the wall. I don’t think any of us will care when we have the ability to watch TV from another room adjacent to it. These start as low as $75 and can be as high as $500.